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Welcome to Pineapple Letting

Pineapple Letting is a family run business, which opened its doors in June 2009, having completed its award-winning purpose-built residential letting development in the heart of Wilmslow.

Why choose Pineapple Letting?

You may be wondering why we would choose to call a property letting company Pineapple. The answer is very simple.

Have you ever noticed how common stone pineapples are at the gates of grand houses? Or perhaps you have seen pineapples carved into old oak furniture?

Since 1493 when Christopher Columbus brought the first pineapple back to Spain from the newly discovered Americas, these fruits have been the traditional symbol of hospitality and welcome. This is at the core of our customer experience – not only are our properties purpose built with luxury in mind, we also want to make our tenants feel welcome in their new homes.

We therefore believe that the Pineapple is the most appropriate symbol of what we bring to our tenants; quality, welcome and hospitality.

How is Pineapple different?

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